A little bit more about me…

I’m a Christian first. Second, I am a grandma – I have three grown children with growing families. I’ve had a tickle in my heart from a very early age (6) to be a writer and I have published several prayer journals through a self-publishing website.

Every one of my three children have served in the military, two of them are still active duty. Currently I live with my daughter who is in the Navy (which means I live wherever she is stationed) and help her out a bit with her daughter.

I believe that God continues to build His gifts in me (and all of His children), because they are a part of His destiny for our lives.  I like to write but most often it is hard work–the things I write about reflect my life, what I am learning, and my journey as a Christian. I am a sinner saved by grace and I am on lifetime adventure to learn just exactly what that means!
Sue Ricker


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